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                Four-step selection of trash can, practical and convenient, let's understand

                As a daily necessities of home, there are always a few garbage cans at home, but no matter where they are put, they always feel ugly and disharmonious, which is contrary to the style of the whole home decoration. If you don't want your home to be visually impacted by a few garbage cans, the key is how you choose it.

                Garbage bin is one of the most frequently used items in the home. Although it is small, it can be seen in any corner of the home. How can you neglect the selection when it is used so frequently? So today, we start with three steps, from daily use to decoration, to teach you how to choose a dustbin with both colors!

                Many people see garbage cans are either hollow plastic or colorful prints, which make people feel vulgar and intolerable. In fact, garbage cans are not only as single as we imagine. They also have different material classifications, and different materials can also bring different experiences for space and vision.

                Wood trash cans are usually made of natural logs and ground by machines, so the overall roundness and smoothness are very good. There are many kinds of wood, you can choose according to your preferences, usually walnut, Manchurian ash and so on. This kind of material is stable and excellent, and the quality of the garbage can produced is better.

                Advantages: Natural environmental protection, high hardness, strong and durable. Disadvantage: poor waterproof and moisture-proof performance, inconvenient cleaning

                Metal and iron products are a kind of relatively strong material in themselves. Their durability and structure are relatively reliable. It is also suitable for making garbage cans. Ordinary iron garbage can we see more in the office, usually black hollow-out, home scenes in the design will be slightly fashionable.

                Advantages: Hard and firm material, strong plasticity and stable structure. Disadvantage: slightly poor waterproof and moisture-proof performance, easy to rust, cleaning is not easy


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