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                Analysis of the Influencing Factors on the Service Life of Wood Pallet Products

                The service life of wooden pallets mainly depends on the correct use and storage conditions of pallets. In actual use, improper operation of forklift truck is the main factor causing pallet damage, accounting for more than 80%. In addition, the non-overloading use and proper placement of pallets (to ensure that the force is at the main load-bearing place) are also very important.

                1. Material of wooden pallets:

                The performance and characteristics of wooden pallets come from wood itself. Material is the decisive factor to determine the application and price of wooden pallets.

                1. Poplar: It is a broad-leaved tree species with loose and soft material and poor durability. It is used to make pallets with low bearing requirements.

                2. Pine: a coniferous tree species with many species and wide applicability. Larix gmelinii/Pinus taiwanensis/Pinus elliottii/Pinus koraiensis has thick texture, hard wood, white color and beautiful appearance. They are mostly used to make fine packaging, but the price is higher.

                2. Defects of wooden pallets

                The main problems lie in hygiene/cleanliness and production stability.

                1. Wood is susceptible to dampness, mildew and moth, and cannot be cleaned. In addition, the problems of sawdust shedding and screw rusting on the surface of the screw can not be overcome.

                2. Because wood is a natural material, its quality is affected by many aspects such as regional climate, even if it is the same batch of raw materials, it is difficult to reach a unified standard in dry humidity, wind cracking and so on.

                3. The service life of wooden pallets is relatively short, and the turnaround times under conventional use are about 200-300 times.

                4. Similarly, due to hygienic reasons (mainly the invasion of longicorn beetles), since 1998, the United States and the European Union have successively banned the export of wooden pallets to China. The wooden pallets need to be fumigated before they can be exported. The time and cost of fumigation are relatively large (generally 48 hours, the cost is about 20% of the cost), and the medicaments used for fumigation (such as potassium bromide alcohol, etc.) are harmful preparations. In addition, the pallets used for export shall be transported or destroyed by the shipper. This greatly affects the application of disposable wooden pallets.

                5. The demand for wood from wooden pallets has caused tremendous consumption and even destruction of forest resources. From the development trend, its raw material resources will be increasingly exhausted.


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